Rocsana’s Hope’s New Home

On Friday, December 7th, we had the privilege of sitting in a law office in Guatemala City to sign the lease on the new home and headquarters for Rocsana’s Hope.

We were also able to offer to pay for the entire year up front thanks to so many wonderful people who helped us reach this amazing goal by participating in “Giving Tuesday.” The people living there have requested to have until the middle of January to leave and we agreed. The lease commences and we take possession of the house and property in San Lucas, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala on February 1st.

This is indeed a huge milestone that we have reached and we could not be more excited. As we have taken each step by faith, God has faithfully provided. On our first visit to the property Stan and I asked the owners if they would consider giving us a discount if we were to pay the entire year up front. We actually made this offer not yet having a single dollar for that purpose. We returned to the US and planned a second trip to Guatemala to visit the house and property again. Before we made the second trip, God provided all of it.

The house is perfect for what our ministry needs. It has more than enough space for the girl’s bedrooms, five bathrooms, a huge kitchen and dining room, space for a classroom and an office for our headquarters, along with several beautiful outside areas, balconies and sitting rooms. It even comes with a perfect mural of women sitting on a sofa talking, very fitting for what we are going to be doing in this home. If you want to see a detailed video of the house, click here.

What touched my heart the most during our meeting was what Ms. Caballeros said during the signing. She told us that the house was once used as an orphanage for babies and now we are going to use it for orphan girls that have aged out of their orphanages to help them get ready for a successful life. She told us how excited and proud they were for the house to be used in this way. She then told us that she fully supports our vision and to let her know if there is anything she could do to help.

To God be ALL the glory!

Stan is signing the lease with our landlord, Sharon.

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