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No matter how little you have, there is always something you can do to help ensure children affected by extreme generational poverty can reach their full potential!

Our current projects

World Headquarters

Your Compassion helps those in need the most.  Every gift you give helps a child thrive, brings hope to a family and rebuilds a community. You can make an immediate lifesaving difference and give hope to children, mothers and fathers around Latin America—ensuring that even during the pandemic the most vulnerable people are taken care of.


Goal: $6,000.00

The Strategic Initiatives Fund supports one of the core functions of GSG’s Home Office: Mobilizing.



Goal: $10,000.00

Our clinic in Tecpan is in need of a remodel. We need to add a dentist office, more nursing stations and finish the 2nd floor into a education center.


Goal: $80,000.00

We are in need of a 4×4 vehicle that is specially designed for a mobile lab that will be used at each one of our clinics and that can also be used as an ambulance in an emergency.


Goal: $20,000.00

Malnourishment is a huge problem here and we are combatting it with nutrition training and providing children with daily multi-vitamins. $5 can provide a year of vitamins for a child. 

Our Medical Team provides healthcare to those suffering from extreme generational poverty in hard to reach areas who has little to no access to good medical services.

The water is toxic in Guatemala. Pure Agua is a ministry that provides water filters to families and large filtration systems to entire villages. $35 can provide a family with pure water.

The program is transforming villages out of poverty all over the world and GSG is bringing it to Guatemala! The TCT program helps churches transform their village to thrive.

During times of crisis, GSG jumps into action by going to ground zero and providing food, shelter materials, medical care and basic survival necessities.

Rocsana’s Hope is our transition home for aged-out orphaned girls. A safe and loving family oriented home with complete education & job training and emotional & spiritual care.

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