Pandemic Can’t Stop Us!

The phone started beeping that all familiar sound… it was a text from Pastor Alex Ander. He is the pastor of a small church we have come alongside to help his community suffering from extreme generational poverty in Mixco, a town right outside of Guatemala City.

“Can you help me?” asked Pastor Alex, “I want to share the love of Christ to our police here in Mixco and I need your help!” “Are you kidding? How fast can you get here?” we said.

Pastor Alex and his wife rushed over, and we handed them what they needed. It was such an honor to bless Mixco Police Officers with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to help aid in the prevention and spread of the Corona virus while they worked to protect their community. Pastor Alex also shared the Gospel with each one of them and blessed them all with Bibles.

Please join us in praying for all the front-line workers out there and especially these police officers, that the seeds that have been planted will grow mightily!

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