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Our Mission is An Invitation.

Jesus said go to the poor and feed them. He said go to the sick and heal them as He did here on the earth. He said go to the widows and orphans and take care of them. Jesus wants His good news shared to the nations, to the ends of the earth, and He calls His church to carry the torch.  Among the Latin American people, this is our mission.

If you have a heart for those suffering from generational poverty and want to show His love through acts of service, your path may well intersect with ours. We invite you to walk with us in this amazing journey.

The Need

The Challenges Our Kids Face

Million Children Afflicted by Extreme Poverty
Million Hungry Children are Chronically Malnourished
Uneducated Kids
Million Adolescent Girls have experienced forced sexual violence

The children in Latin America face many challenges. Those affected by extreme poverty live in household that make less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee, less than $2.50 a day!  Almost 10% of those kids are chronically malnourished. Their development potential is radically limited for their entire life.  Many of these kids never finish primary school because their family needs them to work to earn money any way they can.  15 to 19 million girls have experienced forced sexual violence, other forced sexual acts and exploitation by the commercial sex trade.

Information from unicef’s report, Children in Latin America and the Caribbean Overview 2019

Children are not only more likely to be living in extreme poverty; the effects of poverty are most damaging to children. They are the worst off of the worst off – and the youngest children are the worst off of all, because the deprivations they suffer affect the development of their bodies and their minds.
– Anthony Lake,  UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake.

Our Causes

Current Project Needs

God Said Go Missions are committed to serving the "least of these" in Latin America, often in places where no one is serving, so they can experience the love of God for the first time.  Together we can change lives!

Ministry Vehicle Fund

We are in desperate need for a new ministry vehicle! We need a 4x4 diesel truck to haul our staff and equipment to the far-flung villages we serve.

J33 Medical

J33 Medical is the medical ministry of God Said Go Missions and serves those suffering from extreme generational poverty in hard to reach areas.

Clean Water Charity

Our goal is to provide 1,000 water filters to families suffering from extreme generational poverty in the hard to reach areas of Guatemala.

You Can Make A Difference

What if... you could change the world?
We've got some good news; You can!
Making a difference starts with you.

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Jeff & Esther McClaran



Medical Director & RN
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A. From time to time, we have urgent prayer requests that we need to get out quickly and we have found the most effective way is by text message. This is why we ask for you phone number.

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