Our Work – 我們的工作

“上帝在貧民窟、在那些以紙皮箱作玩具的貧窮人當中。上帝在那位受到將會引致死亡的病毒感染、又傳染了自己孩子的母親的靜默當中。上帝在戰爭造成的頹垣敗瓦之下哀號者當中。上帝在那些遭到廢棄 — 機會和生命 — 之碎片當中。倘若我們與他們同在,上帝也在我們當中。”


385 Million of which are children!
We can all say this is not ok. But we believe that words without action don’t mean much. So with your help, we’re investing in some of the most vulnerable communities in Latin America in order to bring practical solutions that build a future for children free from hardship and exploitation.


We have 4 big ideas to shape a future where children affected by
extreme poverty have the chance to rise above their current state and thrive.

Health Care

Improve access to health care in hard to reach communities affected by extreme generational poverty as well as equipping them with basic health education to reduce the incidence of preventable diseases.

Pure Water

Assist communities to have access to clean drinking water by providing water filters to families and education on the importance of clean water to reduce preventable water born illnesses.

Sustainable Development

For community wellbeing and a nurturing environment for children to grow and thrive.

Emergency Relief

Including food, shelter materials and basic survival necessities during a crisis.

Our Projects

We value the capabilities that are already held by communities.
That’s why we work in partnership with them, developing
projects that draw people and skills together to establish
creative solutions to the unique challenges they face.

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Stand In The Gap Prayer Guide

Q. Why do you need my mobile phone number? 

A. From time to time, we have urgent prayer requests that we need to get out quickly and we have found the most effective way is by text message. This is why we ask for you phone number.

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