Our Videos – 視訊 /影片

Yes, totally make some popcorn.

Get some unique perspective from people in the middle of it all. While you can’t quite taste the volcanic dust or feel the heat, you can hear the singing. Press play. Be transported. Be captivated. Told you you’d want popcorn.

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Rocsana's Hope - What We Do

A short video showing what Rocsana’s Hope is all about.

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Rocsana's Hope Video by Fabiana

A short video compilation put together by Fabiana with help from the rest of the girls.

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Rocsana's Hope - Transformation

A short video showing the transformation of our girls from when they first came to now, July 2020

Stand In The Gap Prayer Guide

Q. Why do you need my mobile phone number? 

A. From time to time, we have urgent prayer requests that we need to get out quickly and we have found the most effective way is by text message. This is why we ask for you phone number.

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