Week 49 – Meet Fredy

I know that this isn’t the greatest picture because of the bright window in the background but it is the only picture I have to introduce you to Fredy Josue, a 16 year old boy, and tell you his story.  Fredy came into our clinic with his mother and saw Charlene.  He was complaining about debilitating pain in his lower right back and abdominal area. The pain was so severe that he could not do anything strenuous like playing sports with his friends and this has been going on for 2 YEARS!  Where the pain was located and because of other issues he had, Charlene was concerned that it could be something pretty serious and told the mother she needed to get him to the hospital to get checked out.  She hung her head and admitted that she didn’t have any money and had no way to get to the city as they lived way up in the mountains.  Even if she was able to get him there, how would she be able to afford the treatment?  The government nurse that looks over the area couldn’t even do anything for Fredy because he didn’t have the needed resources. BUT WE DID!

The next day, God Said Go, along with our partner ministry, Radical Missions, paid for the $20 taxi ride to the city for Fredy and his mother.  Lab tests were done and it was found that Fredy had an abdominal bacteria infection called H. Pylori. We supplied him with a 2 week round of antibiotics and Fredy is now cured.  $60 was all it took to heal this boy and he suffered for two years with this infection because no one was there to help! Praise the Lord that He sent us there to see this boy and give him his life back!

Fredy lives in a mountainous area of Tecpán, not easily accessed, where Radical Missions has built a small clinic that supports 12 villages in the area. We are excited to announce that preparations are being made for us to start serving this area on a long-term basis next year.

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