Week 29 – Miracle In Chautzunuj!

God has provided a miracle two months in the making. Nurse Charlene saw the baby’s mother, Otilia, while she was six months pregnant with a major concern of complications with her pregnancy, even to the extent of miscarriage. This would be Otilia’s ninth child and possibly her second miscarriage. The verdict while she was seen is that she should go to the hospital. We rushed her to the emergency room where she was later released back home.

Fast-forward two months, and we received a request for a house call while we were at the clinic in Chuatzunuj; the call was for Otilia. She was still pregnant, but she was not doing well. Nurse Charlene and Patty, with Radical Missions, quickly went to her house only to discover her water had broken; over three days ago! Immediately they acted. Taking her straight to the hospital, where they dropped her off for an emergency C-section. Now, all we could do is wait to hear the good news. Days had gone by with no word. But on the third day, the good news had been delivered to Patty. Otilia was released from the hospital with her newborn baby safe and healthy! Thanks to the Lord for getting Otilia through her pregnancy and bringing her baby safely into the world.

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