Week 24 – Honoring A Father

This week, we would like to give a special shout to Selvin Stu Cosajay. Selvin is the housefather at Rocsana’s Hope. Selvin is strong but gentle, firm when needed but always ready to listen and help whenever possible. From the beginning, he has treated his position at Rocsana’s Hope as a ministry and not just a job. He has gone through our “growing pains” and struggles as a new ministry with a great attitude and never gave up. He is a fantastic partner in ministry and a true friend. He is a true father to the girls at Rocsana’s Hope, many of which have never had a father in their lives until now. Most of all, he is a man of God who leads the house and points the girls to the Father. He is firm in his faith and is unwavering in his beliefs. He teaches the Word and has led many of our girls to faith in Christ.

Happy Father’s Day Selvin, you are a true blessing from our Lord!

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