Week 16 – Please Pray For Us

After a year and half of treating people around COVID-19, our time has come and we have tested positive! Esther has been feeling sick for a awhile and I started feeling sick last week. When our friends and ministry partners, Tim and Patty (in the picture), started feeling sick too, we all decided we better go get tested. The next day, early in the morning, we went to the local testing center to get tested. By this time, Esther had become pretty weak, had trouble breathing and looked pretty ill. Once tested, we waited. Suddenly the nurse came out of the testing center, obviously very concerned, and announced that we all were positive. She was especially concerned about Esther and wanted to send her to the hospital. We didn’t feel that was necessary at that time but promised the nurse that we would let them know if things got worse. We finished our paperwork and they gave each of us a bag full of medicine to help with our recovery. I was very pleased with the government nurses by their willingness to help us! Now starts the two week quarantine.

Please pray for a speedy recovery so that we can resume our clinics as soon as possible after the quarantine is over.

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