Week 15 – A Healing Prayer for Jimmy

This week\’s picture comes from our intern, Hayley Elkins:

Jimmy, a 12 year old boy, in the Alotenango village, lost his father, the only male figure in his life, at age 7. Since then he has experienced series of seizures 2 or 3 days out of a 10 to 15 day rotation. He took an EKG and it came back negative, which means there is no reason for him to have these seizures. Nurse Nancy lead the team in a prayer over Jimmy, when he and his mother came to her table. We prayed for our Abba God to become his heavenly father and male figure, for his grief and pain to be met and healed by God, and for what we believe to be a demon to leave and stop tormenting his body. We believe God healed him that day! Isn’t prayer powerful? Praise God!

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