Week 13 – An Hour Made The Difference

Last weekend, Charlene, our medical director, decided that we would change our hours at the Colfax Clinic to better serve the community and that we would start at 8am, instead of 9am.  On Monday, we showed up bright an early and quickly found out why the Lord had us change our hours this particular day!  Meet Edward, an energetic four year old boy that was not so energetic on Monday, in fact, as soon as his mom and aunt saw us drive down the road toward the clinic they rushed him to us in immense pain.

Our nurses checked him out and felt that he was having appendix issues and needed to go to the hospital immediately. We put him and his mom in the truck and Tim rushed him to the hospital 30 minutes away in Tecpan. Edward was rushed into the operating room for an emergency appendectomy. Praise the Lord, the appendix was still intact!

We visited Edward and he is already running around like a four year old should be. Praise God for the hour change which allowed us to help this little boy!

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