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becky pius, rn

Serving children suffering from extreme generational poverty with her skills as a nurse and a servant of Jesus Christ.

Becky Pius was raised on the mission field where her parents served in the jungles of Peru and Ecuador, South America.

Becky spent 50 years nursing in various fields, most recently in a small emergency room where she had opportunity to hone her Spanish medical skills along with dealing with various medical emergencies.

Growing up on the mission field, she always had a desire to return to missions, so after retiring she jumped at the opportunities God placed before her. She was able to be part of a Medical Mission team back in her “home” country of Ecuador where she assisted the team with dispensing medications.

Another trip was to Zambia where she did some Bible teaching to the women and participated in evangelism outreach with the local church members.

Her experience in Ghana involved teaching local church members to be lay Health Workers. They learned about basic hygiene, vital signs, and treatment of minor health problems. This prepared the believers to use those skills as an opportunity to go into their local villages and build relationships so they could share the Gospel with them.

This cemented her belief that she was called to be involved in long term missions where she can have an impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals and their community while reaching them with the Gospel for eternity. She is now ready to join the medical team of God Said Go and J33 Medical to bring health care and the Gospel to the indigenous people of Guatemala.

God Said Go missionaries do not receive a salary. Each looks to God to provide the funds for their own personal living and ministry costs. Financial Partners are those who commit themselves to invest financially with their missionary so that together they minister to those in need. Some invest monthly, some quarterly and others once a year. Financial partners receive personal news and first hand reports from their missionary about the results of their joint efforts.

It is the commitment of a faithful partnership team that enables us to go where God has led us to minister. With that commitment comes a unique bond that further strengthens our relationships with those members. Becoming a ministry partner will not only help meet our financial needs but fills a vital intercessory role as well.

Can we be partners in ministry together?

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