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jeff & esther mcClaran

Missionaries to Latin America and the founders of GSG Missions, Inc. They serve the children currently suffering from extreme generational poverty.

Jeff serves as the Executive Director and Esther is the Director of Communications for the organization. They first came to Guatemala to work with Rocsana’s Hope, a home for transitional orphaned girls, which Jeff still works with today along with his work at God Said Go.

Since 2012, they had been trying to move to Myanmar (Burma) to work with a relief and development ministry. For seven long year they tried but the door kept closing. An invitation to serve in Guatemala for Rocsana’s Hope was accepted and six months later they were moving.

After moving to Guatemala in 2019 to help start Rocsana’s Hope, they saw that there where similar needs as in Myanmar and the children suffering from conflict and oppression. They discovered that children living in extreme generational poverty were suffering from the same issues as in Myanmar and felt they now knew why God called them to Central America instead of SE Asia.  They felt the call from the Lord to start God Said Go to focus on helping these children.

God Said Go missionaries do not receive a salary. Each looks to God to provide the funds for their own personal living and ministry costs. Financial Partners are those who commit themselves to invest financially with their missionary so that together they minister to those in need. Some invest monthly, some quarterly and others once a year. Financial partners receive personal news and first hand reports from their missionary about the results of their joint efforts.

It is the commitment of a faithful partnership team that enables us to go where God has led us to minister. With that commitment comes a unique bond that further strengthens our relationships with those members. Becoming a ministry partner will not only help meet our financial needs but fills a vital intercessory role as well.

Can we be partners in ministry together?

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