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Quite often the wealth with which God has blessed us comes in the form of real estate. In fact, studies show that up to 90 percent of people’s net worth is held in non-liquid assets, including real estate.

God Said Go’s Charity Fund works with The Signatry to accept direct gifts of full or partial interest in unencumbered real estate. Such gifts can provide you with a far greater tax deduction than if you sell the real estate yourself and then donate the proceeds to GSG. The Signatry will handle the administrative burden by receiving, managing or selling the asset for you, and then placing the net proceeds into GSG’s Charity Fund. From the Charity Fund, your gift will be used according to your preferences within the ministry.

Practically Speaking

For example, suppose you have a $1 million fair market value property, with a basis of $100,000. There is no debt on the property, and you want to give all the proceeds to GSG Missions. Here is what you could save by giving real estate before it is sold.

Sell Before Giving Give Before Selling
Charity $775,000 $1,000,000
Tax $225,000* $0

* Tax is calculated on a combined state + federal rate of 42% and a capital gains tax rate of 25%.

How to Donate Real Estate to GSG Missions

If you and your advisor decide that a gift of real estate is appropriate in your financial and philanthropic planning, the preferred way is to gift it to GSG Missions through our Charity Fund with The Signatry.  Here is a flyer from The Signatry that you can download.

All you need to do is contact The Signatry and let them know that you have real estate to donate to the God Said Go Charity Fund and they with take it from there.  You can contact them at (913) 310-0279 or

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