Q & A – So How’s Guatemala

We have been serving in Guatemala for a month now. I thought I would use the Q&A method to share our lives here with you. No specific order just whatever comes to my mind.

Q: What do I like the most in Guatemala so far?
A: The people-Guatemalans. They are friendly and warm!

Q: What makes my eyes light up?
A: Whenever I see a mountain!!! There are many beautiful mountains here. They are so big and tall- Majestic!

Q: What has been the hardest thing?
A: Sleeping at night. It is super noisy here. Dogs barking all night, many big birds seem to be doing daily tumbling exercises on top of our roof at the break of dawn, roosters start crowing ”cock-a-doodle-do” at 3:00 am all the way to sunrise. Firecrackers go off and/or big booms in the middle of the night. It is a Guatemalan custom for birthdays to light fireworks at the time they were born. Sometimes, you can tell multiple people are having a birthday on the same night in different corners of the town and at different times, big boom sounds seems to be everywhere. Plus many squeaky, spooky and mysterious noises all night long, we can’t figure out what they are and where they come from!

Q: What do we eat the most?
A: Eggs, McDonald’s, Mangos, Avocados, Tortillas, Chicken and Rice.

Q: What do I get excited about the most?
A: Seeing things getting done in the ministry home!!

Q: When I get laughed at ( they are not being mean. I just have a way to make people happy)?
A: When I try to speak Spanish.

Q: What I am looking forward to?
A: Having our first mission team come to work with us this Friday for a week. Thanks to OakTree Church in Lee’s Summit and their Pastor David W Cole for bringing a team down to help us❤️!

Q: What I miss the most as far as modern conveniences?
A: Besides comfortable chairs to sit on & fast internet, it will have to be a nice steady flow of hot water with good water pressure for my shower. I just can’t stand cold water!!

Q: What I am still not used to?
A: Not being able to put any tap water in my mouth especially when I brush my teeth and not being able to use tap water to wash my toothbrush!

Q: What I am hungry for and I can’t get here?
A: Seafood Buffet!!!! My favorite food in the world!!

Q: What do I think about Chinese food here?
A: Haven’t had any good Chinese food so far besides when I cook!

Q: What can I get for free, if I want?
A: Fresh and giant home grown Avocados! Many people have avocado trees in their yard and they are very generous in sharing this amazing fruit (or veggie, have no clue?!?)

Q: What came with the house?
A: A pet! The previous servants (an older couple who lived in the here) left us a pretty cat. It is an outside cat which is good because Jeff is highly allergic to cats. It is a boy and Stan Nelson named him Dumb Dumb. Dumb Dumb is very laid back and seems to be content staying outside even though he does try to sneak in every once in a while.

Q: Who I miss the most in the States?
A: Our kids, Nikki and Alex. I don’t think anyone will have problem with that. And our parents, families, friends and our church at Summit Park. We have been tuning in via live stream on Sat or Sun. It is wonderful to continue to worship with the folks at church and to hear sermons that we can understand.

Q: What my faith is like?
A: Strong! We have to be strong and to trust that God will not bring us here just so He can abandon us. God has a work for us to do here and He will help us to finish what He has started in us, which is building the ministry of Rocsana’s Hope – helping the older orphans girls to know the love of Jesus, giving them a future and hope!

Q: What makes our day?
A: Getting some work done without any problems because it seems like there is always something that goes wrong. Getting an encouraging e-mail from someone who is thinking of us and praying for us. Getting surprises – a surprise visitor knocking on our door that want to learn of our ministry or receiving a one-time gift from someone who has been thinking of us and wants to help meet our needs. It sure feels like a treat from heaven when that happens. Hearing from our monthly supporters that they are still faithfully standing behind us!!

Q: What do we need the most?
A: Continued and fervent prayers from many of you that God will continue to give us wisdom and provision as we keep moving forward in our ministry!

Q: What our greatest needs right now what we are asking God to provide?
A: A reliable vehicle and we need to continue to raise our monthly support level so we can continue to do our work here. We honestly don’t know how to do it besides just keep praying. We don’t like or want to ask for money and we have learned the hard way that nothing seems to happen when we rely on our own efforts and strength. Only God can move people’s heart and place the burden on someone and cause them to take the initiative to be a part of our ministry! We will continue to keep the faith and trust that God will do His part when we do ours and when we pray, He will move on our behalf!!

Q: What is our current goal?
A: Get some rooms ready for our first girl and Rocsana and her family (they will live with us for a short while until they can get on their feet.) They will be a great help around the house while they are here.

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