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No matter how little you have, there is always something you can do to help ensure children affected by extreme generational poverty
can reach their full potential!

Our Current Projects


Ministry Vehicle Fund

We are in desperate need for a new ministry vehicle! We need a 4x4 diesel truck to haul our staff and equipment to the far-flung villages we serve.

Clean Water Charity

Our goal is to provide 1,000 water filters to families suffering from extreme generational poverty in the hard to reach areas of Guatemala.

2020 Hurricane Relief

Guatemala has been hit by two powerful hurricanes this month and we are in need of help. So many have lost everything due to record flooding and whole villages have been wiped out by landslides. We are in the process of helping as many as we can with food, tarps for shelter and survival supplies. If you feel called to help us, please give below. 100% of the proceeds given here will be used for relief efforts.

Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives Fund supports one of the core functions of GSG's Home Office: Mobilizing.

J33 Medical

J33 Medical is the medical ministry of God Said Go Missions and serves those suffering from extreme generational poverty in hard to reach areas.

God Said Go Missions

God Said Go to the poor and feed them. God Said Go to the sick and heal them. God Said Go to the orphans and widows and take care of them. God Said Go to the nations and share His good news! This is the mission of GSG Missions, Inc.

Stand In The Gap Prayer Guide

Q. Why do you need my mobile phone number? 

A. From time to time, we have urgent prayer requests that we need to get out quickly and we have found the most effective way is by text message. This is why we ask for you phone number.

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