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transforming the lives of aged-out orphaned girls

Give now and transform lives

The girls whose lives are changed forever through living and learning at Rocsana’s Hope are owed to your generosity and charitable contributions.

Bridging The Gap

Our mission is to save transitional orphan girls by bridging the gap from the orphanage to the real world by giving them a chance to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation. We are…

Why we work

Why This Ministry Is Needed

The genesis of Rocsana’s Hope was born out of the recognition of the need for a full-time ministry that helps young girls who have been orphaned and have reached the age of 18 and are being required to leave their orphanage. Generally, these girls are NOT yet ready to enter into, and function in, Guatemalan society. A vast majority of orphanages in Guatemala and Central America do NOT have a strategic plan in place for these precious young ladies or any type of comprehensive program in place to help them transition into their society and culture as a functioning adult. Sadly, most of these girls soon become victims of what caused them to be orphans in the first place. We are here to stop that from happening and to bridge the gap!

A Few Statistics

  1. Every day 33 people become entrapped in sex trafficking rings in Guatemala alone.
  2. Sex trafficking is fueled by a “social tolerance” of children being sold for sex work, a business equal to 2.7% of Guatemala’s GDP.
  3. Approximately 57% of the 48,500 victims of sex trafficking in Guatemala are children, an industry that is estimated to be worth $1.6 billion a year.
  4. Poverty is one of the largest drivers of sex trafficking where three in five people live on less than $3.10 a day.
  5. Traffickers often target poor, uneducated and unemployed girls, luring them with false promises of earning money as a waitress or model. The system is also fueled by widespread sexual abuse in the home, low levels of education, having few opportunities for economic growth and a family history of domestic violence.

faith~hope~love - They change everything

Secure & Loving Home

When a girl comes to our home they become part of a family that loves them and truly has their best interest at heart. They also are given the chance to finish growing up in an environment where they will be supported and protected from those who would try to exploit and use them.

Basic Needs

Every girl we receive is provided the basic physical necessities of life, including healthy food, physical hygiene and medical services. The girls are also taught, along the way, how to provide these basic needs for themselves.

Emotional & Spiritual Health

A majority of our girls have suffered unspeakable abuse, loss, and abandonment in their lives and they need continued professional help to keep moving forward and make progress in their lives. It is also very important that they continue to grow and develop in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. We make sure these things happen.

Education & Job Placement

We provide guidance to help our girls chose the type of education or life skill they wish to pursue and then help make it a reality for them. We develop contacts and relationships in and around the city so that as the girls complete their education, they have opportunities to begin working and provide a better life than they thought possible.

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