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Airline miles & hotel points

Donate Airline Miles and Hotel Points:
Give a Flight & Stay, Change Lives

Maybe you decided to vacation closer to home this year, or your business travel and credit card purchases generated more miles or points than you need. Whatever the reason, don’t let your airline reward miles and hotel points collect dust. Put them to work for God’s kingdom by donating them to God Said Go.

Billions of unused airline miles and hotel points accumulate in accounts, and many of these miles and points expire before their holders have a good opportunity to use them. When you donate airline miles and hotel points, you can give a gift to God’s Kingdom that is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

For instance, GSG may use your donated airline miles and hotel points to send speakers to churches to share the need for national nurse or village sponsors. The money we would have spent on the flight can then be used to cover other costs in the office and on the mission field, letting us do even more with the resources God has given us. Your gift can make an eternal difference in remote villages in Latin America.

The miles and points may also be used to cover the cost of staff travel to and from the mission fields of Latin America, as well as for ministry business throughout the United States.

Donating your miles or points is a quick and simple process:

1. Call or do*******@go*******.org“>email us to authorize GSG to use air miles or hotel points from your account, either a specific number of miles or the entire account.

2. GSG will book the flight using your miles and will pay any fees associated with that booking or transfer of miles.

3. GSG will give you the flight details of a staff member’s trip.

Don’t let those miles and points expire!

To start the donation process, click the button below or call (816) 622-2560 to ask questions or to donate airline miles or hotel points to God Said Go.

NOTE: Because airline miles and points are awards from companies and are not taxed as income, the IRS does not allow the donation of airline miles or points to be used as a charitable deduction.

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