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For Professional Advisors

We understand that gifts to charities such as GSG Missions can be an important part of your clients’ overall financial and estate plans. That’s why we are committed to working with you to ensure that your clients find the gift arrangements that best meet their unique needs.

We believe charitable planning involves the donor, professional advisors and our gift planning staff working together to arrange the best gift possible. As a nonprofit, we take care when it comes to helping our donors plan gifts to GSG.

The God Said God Charity Fund
Administered by The Signatry
Phone: (913) 310-0279
Fax: (913) 227-2544
Email: in**@th*********.com
7171 W 95th Street, Suite 501
Overland Park, KS 66212

GSG Missions, Inc.
Phone: (816) 622-2560
Email: do*******@go*******.org
PO Box 2912
Grain Valley, MO 64029

Legal Name: GSG Missions, Inc.

Tax ID Number: 84-4307639
Incorporated in: 1908 NW Willow Drive, Grain Valley, MO 64029

For Brokers

Stock, Bonds & Mutual Funds can be donated to GSG Missions using the following method:

1. Please download the Stock and Mutual Fund Transfer Form.

2. Fill out the information on the form and return the form to The Signatry.

Please Note: This form is for The Signatry’s internal tracking only. This form ensures that The Signatry can internally track your shares once they have been gifted. It is important that this form to be sent to The Signatry.

3. Initiate the transfer.

Deliver all DTC/ACT eligible securities to:

Charles Schwab and Company
DTC 0164, Code 40
Account name:  The Signatry
Account number:  1133-5399

Other Securities:

if unable to deliver via DTC/ACT, please contact a member of our donor care team with The Signatry at (913) 310-0279 or do*******@th*********.com

For security and delivery guarantee, please send paper certificates only via a certified delivery service that provides a delivery proof of signature.

4. Please contact GSG Missions at (816) 266-2560 or do*******@go*******.org and inform us of the Stock Type, Number of Shares, and any fund designation you may choose. If your stock transfer donation is received with no attached donor information, your gift will be recorded as an anonymous gift, and will be applied where most needed.

DISCLAIMER: This web page is designed to provide information and illustration of the subject matters covered. It is not intended nor should it be used as legal, accounting or other professional advice. It is always a good idea to seek legal and tax advice from your professional advisor(s).

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