Las Llaves, Chiquimulilla, Santa Rosa

Another impoverished community with 85 families (about 200 people) in Las Llaves, Chiquimulilla, Santa Rosa. We toured a small home made of corn stalks and bamboo where 37 people live with one outhouse (the bathroom.)

The living condition here is extremely poor. I noticed that all the kids are very dirty. Their daily meal is beans, corns, and rice. They have a few little pigs, but they are waiting for them to grow bigger before they can sell them for more rice and beans. Most of the kids don’t have or wear shoes. I saw where the kids sleep but I didn’t see any shoes.

The Pastor’s wife told me that many of the residents here have accepted Christ in the past two months. Currently, they have 35 familiars attending the only church in town.

This was another joint effort to bring heaven on earth and to let God’s love shine down today!! Thank you Eric Rivera with Hope of the Nations Guatemala for letting our medical team join you and thank you, Peter and Donna Pitman with Impacting One Life At a Time, for always so willing to help. Both Charlene and Donna worked together to checked up on everyone that came today, old and young, big and small in the whole town!! Thank you Michael, Tabitha and Craig for helping with the Pharmacy and Yelsey for translating. You all are our amazing ministry partners!!!

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  1. I am board certified naturopathic doctor here in Guatemala. I operate a licensed holistic medical clinic. We do a lot of free clinics in the City among the homeless community living in the Central Park downtown Guatemala City. I offer my free services anytime anywhere you could use me. We have been missionaries here for 33 years. I also pastor a Baptist church here. My phone in Guatemala is 5558-2353. You are supposed to be delivering tracts from Chick Tracts that were donated to us. Ok, God bless!

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