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Angel protocol Endowments

Endowments are the future of giving

Less than 60% of charities have enough saved in their reserves to cover more than one year of operating costs. Angel Protocol plays a critical role in solving this challenge.

Endowments are a powerful tool that charities use to grow their donations. However, traditional endowments can be expensive to set up, access, and maintain. Angel Protocol has developed a platform providing easy access to low-risk, high-yield endowments that provide charities financial freedom. Donors give once, and give forever.

Angel Protocol Extends The Impact and Lifetime of Your Gift.

  • TRUSTED – Founded with nonprofit leaders and improved through charity and donor feedback

  • PROTECTED – Angel Protocol takes security seriously. They have insurance to protect our assets.

  • SECURED – All funds are governed by open-source, audited smart contracts.

To learn more about Angel Protocol, download their litepaper.


Angel Protocol currently accepts donations to charitable organizations in the following ecosystems: Juno Mainnet (JUNO, ATOM(IBC), & ax|USDC), Terra Phoenix Mainnet (LUNA & ax|USDC), Ethereum Mainnet (ETH, USDC, USDT, & WBTC), and BNB Smart Chain Mainnet (BNB). Angel Protocol is working to offer donation capability for other fiat and crypto as well.

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