Fundraise For Us

What will your creative fundraising idea be?

Do something beautiful.
Start a campaign for kids affected by
extreme poverty.

Whether it’s climbing a mountain, donating your birthday or giving up coffee for a month, your brilliant fundraising idea means children who are hungry, hurting and uneducated because of generational poverty will get to experience God’s love.

Kick-starting your campaign is easy!

Decide on your fundraising idea.

It could be something simple like holding a bake sale or opening a lemonade stand. Or something more challenging like completing a marathon. No idea is too crazy!

Create your fundraising page.

Setting up a page so friends can quickly and easily give to your campaign is really simple. All you have to do is upload a photo, set your goal, share what you’re doing and why. Running a lemonade stand? Just ask your customers to donate directly to your page!

Start spreading the word.

Share your fundraising page on social media, email your friends and encourage them to join you in doing something beautiful for children who are hurting because of extreme poverty.

Fundraising Ideas

Need a little inspiration to get you started? These are some of our favorite fundraising ideas for you to give a try.

Donate your birthday this year and instead of gifts have your family and friends donate to your campaign and raise funds to feed kids suffering from extreme poverty.

Run a lemonade stand this summer and donate the sales to help buy vitamins and medication for a village suffering from malnutrition.

Paddle a kayak for as many miles as you can and get your family and friends to sponsor you for a certain amount of money per mile and then donate it to your cause.

Ride a motorbike 1000 miles to spread awareness about your cause to raise money to provide clean drinking water to as many families as you can. Promote your campaign along the way.

Dress like Where’s Waldo on your vacation and take a selfie in all the places you visit and get your family and friends to donate post them on social media with a link to your fundraiser.

Bake a whole lot of cupcakes, cookies, pies, etc. and have a bake sale at your church and give the proceeds to kids suffering from extreme poverty that might never have eaten a cupcake.

From little ideas, transforamtion grows.

Your decision to start a campaign is love in action that will change the story
for children growing up in extreme poverty around Latin America.

Raise $100

and you can provide vitamins and parasite medication for 20 children suffering from malnutrition and water born parasites.

Raise $250

and you can feed 10 families with little access to food in a high mountain top village for a month.

Raise $350

and you can give 10 families clean healthy drinking water by providing them a water filter.

Raise $500

and you can start the training of a local health worker to care for sick children in their village.

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