First Guatemala Trip 2018

Thank you so much for all your prayers for our recent trip to Guatemala! Praise The Lord, He answered everyone one of them and more!!! Here are some of the results, these are not listed in any particular order…

First, we prayed for the Lord to lead us in meeting and networking with other ministries in the area – Answered! We had an amazing time sharing with several orphanages, ministries and churches and everyone of them were very encouraging and excited about our vision and mission for Rocsana’s Hope! They share valuable advise, great insight and offered to help us in anyway they could.

Second, we prayed for guidance in finding a home for Rocsana’s Hope – Being Answered! We were able to look at one house for rent that would work for our ministry with some friends of the caretaker of the Airbnb we stayed in while there. We are praying about this location and asked them to keep looking for more to show us. Also, we met Pastor Saul and his wife Karyn at the church we decided to attend on Sunday. They are amazing and we spent the whole day visiting with them. They have such a heart for God and are very excited about our ministry there. The Lord used them to answer so many of our prayers, first in helping us find a place as well. Karyn was having a meeting later that week and contacted us later that several of her friends are also searching for places that might work for our ministry!

Third, we needed a contact for a lawyer to help us with all the legalities of moving to Guatemala – Answered! Who are these friends of Karyn’s that are helping us look for places there? Just a couple lawyers and a Judge!!!

Fourth, one of our prayers is to eventually be able to start a youth rally on Saturday nights for the youth of San Lucus and have the girls help us with this ministry. Pastor Saul and Karyn have such a heart for Guatemala’s youth. They have opened up their church and all their resources to us and they have a fantastic property with a large auditorium. I know they would be behind our youth rallies 100%!

Fifth, we already have short term mission teams wanting to come down to help us get started, with one actually scheduled for March! We need a place to house them while they are here. – Answered! The second church we met with shared about the fantastic ministries they have along with their church. They have a school with over 600 students, ministry to the poor in 14 different communities and… an AMAZING Mission Home! They took us on a tour of the facility called La Mision and it was exactly what we needed and more! They have invited us to use it for our short term teams and even have a staff to provide meals!

These are just a few of the answers to prayer and there were so much more! It was so wonderful to finally meet Rocsana and Paola and be able to spend the week with them, get to know them and be a blessing to each other.

God is so GOOD and He is on the move with Rocsana’s Hope!!!

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