Daily Feeding Program

providing children a nutritous meal

Annual Goal: $6,500


In the summer of 2022, we learned from our ministry partner, Hope of the Nations, Guatemala, that there was a village that was so poor, the children were eating paper to fill their stomachs to stop the hunger pains. Within a week we answered the call and were there providing food and medical care in the small church located there and we have been going back monthly ever since.  Soon after we arrived, some of the church leadership shared with us that they had been praying that God would send them help and we were the answer to those prayers!

The story was told about this village and a wonderful couple from Tallahassee, Florida felt called to start this project, to feed the children of El Dique. We launched the project in the fall of 2022 and along with their friends from all over the country raised enough to build a brand-new kitchen on the back of the church and a year’s supply of food. The plan was to provide a nutritious breakfast for the students before school, however, since hearing about what we are doing, the government joined in and is providing the breakfast. So, we changed and are providing a lunch for all the children in the village after school is out.  Currently there is over 70 kids and several of the mothers being fed every day.  We have two ladies in the church that have committed to cooking the food every day, and for their service, we provide extra food for them and their families. We have also told the mothers in the village that if they come and help out during lunch, they are welcome to eat as well.

In 2023, this project was a great success and we have even seen some growth in the church due to it.  We will be continuing on with this project in 2024. All glory goes to God!

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