El Dique Education Program

allowing all the kids to learn

Goal: $10,000

There is a small school building located in the middle to a cow pasture near the small village of El Dique that was closed and abandoned several years ago. After Covid, in 2021, the government provided a teacher for the area and the school was open again.  When we arrived in the area, there were around 7 – 10 students attending school.

Thanks to a partnership with Pei Yu Movement Limited, Hong Kong, we have created a sponsorship program for the students in El Dique which provided the necessary school materials they needed to attend school, a backpack, new tennis shoes and a textbook. We are so proud to report that there are now 40 kids attending school in this tiny little building!

We are not done yet. The teacher needs our help as the government has not supplied her with the necessary equipment she needs to be able to teach effectively, plus the school building needs a lot of repairs and improvements.

Our goal is to raise a total of $10,000 to completely repair the building, construct a latrine at the school and install a solar system to provide electricity. We also will purchase the needed equipment for the teacher to be successful in teaching all these wonderful kids.

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