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In the cause of the Great Commission, giving is no passive task. It is the invisible force behind this massive undertaking – enabling those who are called to actually go. For God Said Go Missions, the generous and sacrificial giving of our partners fuels innumerable activities and strategies. It also sustains hundreds of families and gives wings to the Gospel, allowing it to spread to the ends of the earth. Who knew writing a check (or clicking “Donate”) could be so thrilling? Join us in the essential work of serving as a sender.

Give By Check

Make your check payable to GSG Missions. If your check is for a missionary or project, please include a separate note indicating the missionary name or project it is for. Our mailing address for contributions is: GSG Missions, Inc., P.O. Box 2912, Grain Valley, MO 64029.

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You will be taken to another page where the secure Engiven donation form for God Said Go Missions is located on the Engiven server when you click the button below.

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Priority projects

Goal: $45,000.00

We are in need of a 4×4 truck for our growing team that is reliable and rugged enough to handle our remote locations. We are looking to purchase a new Isuzu D-Max 4×4 with a 3.0 diesel turbo engine.

Goal: $25,000.00

We have been honored with the opportunity to acquire the Amatitlan Medical Center located on the grounds of the Asamblea De Dios Antioquia church. The center includes a clinic, lab and pharmacy.


Goal: $10,000.00

The school up in El Dique, Escuintla is in bad shape and the teacher needs resources & textbooks. We would like to refurbish the school and provide with much needed resources, textbooks and supplies. 


Goal: $100,000.00

In Guatemala, there exists a profound need for an integrated medical center that addresses the holistic well-being of the less fortunate population and their surrounding communities. We are driven by our Christian faith to establish a discounted medical center that offers comprehensive care, focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual health at a price they can afford. The proceeds from this medical center will provide the necessary funds to continue our free medical services to those suffering from extreme poverty in the villages we currently serve in this area.

Serving as a Sender

The missionary endeavor can be a costly one. When Jesus gave the charge to go and make disciples of all nations, he knew more than anyone what it would require. The cost for those who have answered this call has been borne out through the ages in acts of self sacrifice, hard work, and even suffering. And the cost to the Church, no less a sacrifice, has been in faithfully sending and supporting these workers for the harvest.

Some of this support structure is found in ministries like GSG, which provide vision and direction as well as a variety of practical, logistical, and spiritual help to a missionary on the field. But the task of specifically and sacrificially praying for and financing missionary work is ultimately a responsibility, and privilege, of the Church. This is a Biblical model and largely how missions is still done today.

GSG missionaries, likewise, depend month to month and year to year on networks of congregations and individual Christians who commit to be prayer and financial partners – people who may not themselves be called to move to Latin America, but who choose to be a part of God’s provision for the sending of another.

Practically, this may simply mean donating online each month or taking time out of a busy schedule or church program to pray. But partnership is so much more. Supporting a missionary means that you take ownership in the people and the ministry their work represents. Both the trials and the triumphs are yours too. You’ll be more compelled to pray when the news is hard. More joyful when it’s good. You’ll get to know an individual or a family more intimately because you’ll have journeyed together through something unpredictable and wonderful. The missionary will become your hands and feet to serve God’s purposes in a far-away land, and you will become to them a manifestation of God’s faithfulness and provision. Your vested friendship will lend affirmation to their calling, accountability to their work, and encouragement to their hearts.

Missionary support, offered up in prayers and dollars, is really an investment in people – an investment in the missionaries themselves, but also in the people they are reaching. There is no price that can be placed on such an endeavor. In Latin America, a work may take five years or forty. It may require simple methods or complex and expensive ones. And it might cost more than just money – a reminder of why prayer is so vital.

Whatever the cost, the work of the Great Commission is worth it. And to be caught up in it – as those who go or those who support them – is a blessing beyond measure.

Planned Giving and Estate Planning

Leave a legacy

During their lifetime, many Christians create an estate but do not know how to effectively pass on the estate in a manner in which they can give MORE! More to their heirs and to the charities that they love. Learn how you can positively affect your loved ones and generations to come through various time and tax-saving estate planning tools. And more importantly, leave a personal testimony of your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

More ways to give

Non-Cash Giving

The average American’s net worth is comprised of 10 percent cash and 90 percent non-cash assets. But most people donate to the Lord’s work only through their cash assets—the smaller portion of their assets that must also cover living expenses. GSG’s God Said Go Charity Fund, as well as our planned-giving opportunities, provides a way for you to impact Latin America through the non-cash assets with which God has blessed you.

Donating stocks, bonds, property or other securities is a powerful way to give hope to the families we work with, while reducing your taxes at the same time.

Cost Free Giving

At Work

Some employers will match employee donations made to non-profit organizations—even up to three dollars for every one dollar donated! The value of volunteer hours, non-cash gifts, and donations from spouses, retirees and board members are often matched too. See if your employer has a matching gift program that will multiply the impact of your personal donations.


Do something beautiful. Start a campaign for kids affected by extreme poverty. Whether it’s climbing a mountain, donating your birthday, giving up coffee for a month, or riding 1000 miles on your bike, your brilliant fundraising idea means children who are poor, hungry and hurting because of generational poverty will get to experience God’s love.

Air Miles & Hotel Points

Do you have air miles, frequent flyer points or hotel points you may not need? Donated miles and points allow GSG Missions staff to make important trips which they may otherwise not be able to make, and free up ministry funds to be used for other costs in the office and on the mission field.

Frequently Asked Questoins

When you make a donation, it is used ‘where needed most’ to fund relief projects  in times of crisis, as well as funding development projects that help communities, affected by extreme generational poverty, to build and break this generational curse.

You can give to that cause or project on this website or send a message to our team with your check requesting where you’d like your gift directed towards. Please note that GSG Missions, Inc. retains full discretion over the use of your gift and while we always attempt to honor your designation preference upon request, the final decision on the use of all funds rests with the organization.

Yes, when making a donation online via electronic debit, credit card or PayPal, a receipt will be sent to the email address provided within an hour. For check donations mailed to us, please allow up to a month for a receipt to be issued. A year end giving receipt will also be sent to you for your tax purposes.

We will not sell, share or trade our donors’ names or personal information with any other entity, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations. This policy applies to all information received by GSG Missions, Inc, both online and offline, on any Platform (‘Platform’, includes websites and mobile applications), as well as any electronic, written, or oral communications. To the extent any donations are processed through a third-party service provider, our donors’ information will only be used for purposes necessary to process the donation. To read our full privacy policy, please click here.

Yes, you can do this by making a donation on our Support a Missionary.

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