Covid19 Make It’s Impact

This merchant cries to know he can’t work, “I know there is a national emergency, this disease is not a game. I have children that need to eat, but I have nothing to feed them. I live on what I earn daily. I’m sad, I don’t know what I will feed my kids, they need to eat!”

Please pray for our crew as they go forth at 4:45 this morning to help those that are in desperate need in the community of Chuatzunuj in Guatemala!

As millions of families in the world are impacted greatly by this Covid19, people who live in the 3rd world countries are in a much worse situation. These people live day by day, many can’t find work to feed their families before this Covid19 hit the country. The whole country of Guatemala has been in lockdown for almost 2 weeks now and recently a 4:00pm to 4:00am military curfew has been put in place. Many families are not making it and many ministry opportunities have had to be put on hold!

Thanks to our friends, Tim and Patty Ruth with Radical Missions, they were able to get a special pass from the Mayor to deliver food to the impoverished areas and they were happy to have our help to deliver food to 127 families today. Since we still can’t draw a crowd, we can’t set up an official clinic, but we are prepared to give medical help to those that are sick and need medication as we help pass out food to each family.

I am extremely sad that I have to stay behind because I not well but I know I can pray for everyone who is working on the frontlines. Will you please join me and pray Psalm 91 overall the workers today? That no plague or harm will come near them and each of the Guatemalan families helped will be blessed physically and spiritually! Thank you so much and we are praying for you all as well, that your families stay safe and all of your needs are met as well no matter where you are!!

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