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Get your church involved

Help Get Your Church Involved with God Said Go

When missions is given center stage, every other ministry of the church enjoys the benefits.

Your pastors and leaders are very busy people. With preaching, planning and managing the Sunday service, orchestrating small groups, facilitating childcare, and putting on the occasional church event, pastors and leaders are often forced to give missions whatever scraps of time and energy they have left over, which isn’t much.

There are many ways you can help us have the opportunity to partner with your church. Here are just some ideas you could help us with:

1. First and foremost: Prayer. Pray that your congregation would have a heart for the nations and that the Lord would give you the opportunity to share the passion you have for God Said Go’s ministry.

2. Visit with your Missions Committee and see if there is a possibility for us to have a video conference with them or come for a visit next time we are in the country.

3. Adopt a village or project and have a church wide fundraiser.

4. Sell our God Said Go Coffee in your church office, coffee shop or book store.

4. Meet with your pastor and see if it would be possible for Jeff to come speak at your church.

5. Organize a short-term team from your church to come work with us.

6. Encourage your students to consider being a missions intern with us.

These are just some ideas for you to try to get your church engaged with God Said Go’s mission and ministry. Do you have any great ideas we could share? We would love to hear them!

Email us or give us a call at (816) 622-2560 if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a visit or meeting.

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