Christmas With The Girls

Stan and I were able to take a case full of presents down to the girls, their mom, and their younger siblings. It was an amazing time.

Rocsana told us that it was the first time that her younger siblings have ever had presents for Christmas. It was so much fun to watch them; to see how their eyes light up when they saw the presents and then realized that they were for them. More importantly, Stan had the opportunity to explain to them the meaning of Christmas and that it celebrates the birth of Jesus and why He came. They listened intently to the entire story. It may well be the very first time they ever heard the story of Jesus and the gospel.

Next Christmas is going to be something entirely different, as we will be in our home and headquarters and will most likely have a house full of girls to have Christmas with. This is something that really excites us and we are really looking forward to. We can’t wait for it to become a reality! Rocsana and Paola will be joining us as soon as we move down there and we will start work immediately to get the house in order and ready for the first girls to come into the program.

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