Called In By The Government

On Friday, December 7th, after signing the lease, we were called in by the government of Guatemala to find out more about our activities. Stan and I were actually a little nervous because we did not know exactly why they wanted to see us.

We ended up in a meeting with a lady and her associate, pictured above. Pastor Saul and his wife Karyn also accompanied us. Karyn interpreted the meeting for us. They asked about what Rocsana’s Hope was all about. Stan started from the beginning and told them our story. After about ten minutes, you could see tears in the woman’s eyes. In that amazing moment we knew what she really wanted to know. Her tears made Stan pause and I believe we both could feel what she was feeling. Stan spoke to her in Spanish and basically said, “You have the same heart as I do, don’t you?” She answered, “YES.” We continued the conversation and found out that she was second in charge of all the female orphans housed in the government orphanages throughout Guatemala.

She explained to us that for years she has had to face the harsh reality that the government of Guatemala has nothing for their orphans once they turn 18. Although they have tried several programs to try and help prepare them beforehand, they do not have anything for them after they have to leave. She told us horror stories about what has happened to many of their girls. She informed us that she has searched everywhere and that we are the VERY FIRST to come to Guatemala and start a program like Rocsana’s Hope. After the meeting, she approached Stan, she looked him straight in the eye and said “I have been praying for YOU for two years.” That blew us away. They have promised as much help as possible to develop our program. Praise God for how He works.

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