GSG Guatemala Headquarters

a place we can call home

Goal: $500,000

God Said Go Missions has been in operation in Guatemala since 2020 and we have been blessed with a successful and growing ministry. We currently have over 10 missionaries and staff members and our number of short-term mission teams are growing as well.

Currently, we have all been working out of our homes and vehicles but we need a place were we can come together and work as a team when we are not in the field.  GSG needs a place we can call home, a headquarters here in Guatemala!

Our desire and prayer is to find a nice piece of land centrally located among the areas we work that we can build a complex that will include an office and meeting place, a team home large enough to house our short-term teams, a couple apartments to be temporary living spaces for our in transit missionaries, a workshop/warehouse, and a place to house our ministry vehicles.


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