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The sun is going down and children are gathering. At the center of the house, mom stokes the warm fire and dad gathers everyone curiously around to sit. Tales of old about their ancestors and traditions, hardships and small wonders, and heroes. A rich tradition of storytelling is ubiquitous in the Mayan culture here Latin America. Here on some of the front lines of God’s redeeming work, we have stories too. Journey in with us, through the sights and sounds and stories of GSG’s ministry.

18 Aug

From Esther’s Heart

The past several weeks I have been talking with some very close friends about our decision to move to Guatemala and they have been asking questions…

20 Mar

Pandemic Can’t Stop Us!

The phone starting beeping that all familiar sound… it was a text from Pastor Alex Ander. He is the pastor of a small church we have come alongside…

19 Mar

We’re Expanding!

God Said Go (GSG Missions, Inc.) is EXPANDING!!! Esther and I are so happy and excited to share with you…

13 Mar

God Said Go Is Now A Charity!

God Said Go has some exciting news to share with all our family, supporters and friends!

8 Mar

4×4 To The Test

When Jeff learned that there was an abandoned community living way up on the mountain of the backside of Pacaya in Guatemala and none of the people…

20 Jun

Fabiana’s Testimony

My name is Fabiana Quiñones. I’m 20 years old. My birthday is on Sept 28. My mom died when I was 4. My dad is absent in my life. I’ve never met him until…

15 Apr


This is a word that has become very special to Esther and my walk with the Lord! Obedience to what the Lord wants us to do is the most important thing!

1 Mar

Q&A – So How’s Guatemala

We have been serving in Guatemala for a month now. I thought I would use the Q&A method to share our lives here with you????. No specific order just…

22 Feb

Happy Birthday Rocsana!

As soon as we arrived in Guatemala, we made a trip to see Rocsana for her birthday! Her town’s first McDonald’s had just had it’s grand opening so we…

28 Feb

A Childhood Story I Seldom Tell

One of my favorite verses is Psalm 91:1, “Those who live in the shelter of the most high will find rest in the shadow…

Stand In The Gap Prayer Guide

Q. Why do you need my mobile phone number? 

A. From time to time, we have urgent prayer requests that we need to get out quickly and we have found the most effective way is by text message. This is why we ask for you phone number.

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