4×4 To The Test

When Jeff learned that there was an abandoned community living way up on the mountain of the backside of Pacaya in Guatemala and none of the people there have ever seen a doctor or received any medical care (we were told by a local leader there that no medical team wants to come because it is too hard of a trip and the location is too far and isolated) but this village needs help because many kids there are sick!

We didn’t hesitate; in fact, we were very excited to learn about this opportunity. We’ve been praying for open doors to go to places that no one would go that need Jesus’ love and healing. So today, together with our team, Charlene, Michael and Tab, along with the help of our other friends Donna, Peter and Yelsi, we have made a very unforgettable day that we would remember for life! The living condition of this village is extremely poor, do not have any electricity, candle, bathroom or outhouse. There are other people living around that area, one of the pastors told us, he has to walk 2 hrs to get his cell phone charged up every time.

Everyone was seen by Charlene and Donna and they were so happy and grateful to the point of tears!! We stopped at another village on the way home and discussed doing more clinics in that area as well. We later found out there are a total of 500 residents there that don’t have access to medical care. It is a huge field. So if you are interested in coming as a team or solo, let us know! The more who come to help with clinics, the more people who can be treated!!

On the drive back, we gave a family a ride back to their village a little further down the road. They are all sick as well. Pray especially for a 2 years old boy who is full of worms, looks like he swallowed a basketball from so many of them, and having straight water and black diarrhea. He’s really sick right now. We gave him a ton of meds to try to kill any bacteria, worms, parasites he has. Pray for healing for this sweet kiddo.

Huge thank you to Eric Rivera and his crew for leading us there and informing us of the great medical need. Thank you Donna and Peter for coming along to help us! You guys are always a big help and so fun to work with. Jeff and I love spending time and serving with our buddies Charlene, Michael and Tab, we thank God for bringing us together as a team!!

We left the house at 6:30 am and we came back to San Lucas at 6:45 pm????. A long hard day but so worth it!! I know God is smiling????❤️????!

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